Roisin Carolan

Meet Roisin Carolan,
We are so stoked to have Roisin on board with Mennie Brand.  Roisin is a true Byron girl and has probably tip toe'd down the line past you on one of the better waves of the day at any of the points, and has probably made you wonder how it's possible to have so much style and control of a big board with grace. Roisin is the epitome of froth, all smiles and good vibes, and we are stoked to be keeping those toes warm when they are off the nose!
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Roisin Carolan professional surfer girl longboarding hang ten the pass byron bay mennie socks ambassador
Photo by Mike Assim
Surf photography Mike Assim Roisin Carolan professional surfer surfing the pass byron bay mennie socks
Photo by Mike Assim